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Bite-Size Physics

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A Science-at-Home solution.

Here's the problem, science books with experiments but no content or books with content but no experiments. You have to create an effective science curriculum with these poor materials. It's not easy, and it's expensive.




Bite-Size Physics offers a solution.

This website will turn you into an instant hands-on science teacher!

Over 400 pages of hands-on science lessons are set up as a series of hour long “bites” of physics that are cumulative and sequential.

Each bite is designed to be easy to swallow. In other words, not overwhelming and at the same time stimulating. Each bite is a fully scripted lesson plan for ages 9 and up that includes easy to do hands-on experiments and reproducible follow-up questions to reinforce the learning.

Available on-line movies also make the learning just that much more fun!

Don't feel comfortable teaching physics? Let Science Jim do it! With Science Jim's live online web-classes you can have Science Jim in your home!


Click here to subscribe or click here to check out some free lesson plans.

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